'' Id como una plaga contra el aburrimiento del mundo''

Gente que me hace feliz.

lunes, 18 de noviembre de 2013

It's easy

[For those who are set in the small details]

+ ''According to you... Why would I have to disturb that you kiss another girls? It's a little pathetic for me, because we are nothing, or less.''
- ''Why would you have to disturb you? It's easy... Because when you stay with me, you can eat perfectly, you don't care about the food, namely, your big problem. Because when you stay with me in the street, doing silly things front of the whole world you love it because I make you happy and me too. Because when we stay together, well, as we are now, so close, you put that smile that so much I like. Because sometimes when I speak to you, you feel nervous. Why would you have to disturb you if I kiss other girls? It's easy.''